How does GlobalWorkshop Work?

Note: is for Enterprise account holders or paid upgrade. We need to purchase your individual SSL certificate rent a unique IP address for you.

General Questions

Yes, we've launched to the market July 2015 - we've been around since 2012 building the product and testing with our initial customers.

We value you and your collections privacy

  • Every account has privacy settings, controlling what is publicly visible from a login box only through to additional pages
  • Every vehicle has individual privacy settings - you control what parts of the vehicle's profile is visible.
  • Every update/progress report within a vehicle's profile also has individual privacy settings. You choose from no-one but you to the public and steps in between.
  • We will never publicise details about you without your explicit permission. (for example for "our clients" or "case studies" pages)
  • Search engines can not index your vehicles/logged in site pages, unless you make those pages/vehicles public
GlobalWorkshop was built because the founder didn't want to put his vehicle's history on a forum. GlobalWorkshop is purpose built specifically to document vehicles (and boats, planes, buildings..) with the all the features which that entails - private video encoding and playback, report pdf's and more. Being a commerically run service it means that all the underlying operations are monitored, maintained and upgraded regularly by qualified professionals.

Our business is building software & services to keep your collection documented.
No. It's "Software as a Service". We take care of all hosting charges, these are part of your account fees we charge you. You upload your images, videos and files directly to GlobalWorkshop.
This is all taken care of for you. Just sign into your GlobalWorkshop account with an up to date browser. Every Sunday Morning NZT between 9-11AM we apply upgrades and maintenance to the system if need be. Sometimes this may mean your site will be unavailable for 10-15mins.
Both ! You just need an up to date web browser. Not sure if yours is up to date, simple go here : (by Google)
No. We have built our pricing and service so that it is sustainable without needing to run third party advertisements. There's a saying "If you're not paying for the product, you are the product". We don't believe our customers are the product !
Send us an email and let's talk. We can't guarentee we'll make it work but we'll do our best to find something that will work.
Talk to us We have years of development in GlobalWorkshop, and are experts in Web and Mobile app development - we can provide Enterprise solutions using our core system to build something unique with it.
We see that often written as code for "I would like a free account". We wouldn't be where we are without a few helping hands, so we're happy to share the love on occassion - and we get spending every last cent on your car (we might have been there in our youth). No promises, but there's no harm in asking. Your chances will go up if it's an educational project such as Formula SAE.
Active vehicles are any that you can make changes to and included in your account limits. Cold Storage vehicles are those that you can place into a read only mode - these are billed at a much lower rate so you don't need to move upto an additional account tier for vehicles that you're not actively working on. Note that it takes 48hrs to move a vehicle back from cold storage and image loading may be marginally slower in cold storage.

Vehicles in cold storage may still be transferred to a new owner under a new GlobalWorkshop account.
A Formula 5000 car at the New Zealand Festival of Motorsport. A McLaren from memory.