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GlobalWorkshop™ has packages from backyard shed projects to Enterprise organisations, choose a package below that suits your needs and request a free trial. Can't see something that works for you? Contact us and we'll discuss your needs.

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Showcase Lite For smaller companies

  • 3 Active Vehicles
  • 5'000 photos*
  • Single User
  • Base Features
  • SSL

Showcase For workshops and teams

  • 1-10 Active Vehicles
  • 15'000 photos*
  • Multiple Users
  • Dashboard
  • SSL

Showcase Pro For workshops and teams

  • 1-30 Active Vehicles
  • 25'000 photos*
  • Multiple Users w Permissions
  • Dashboard
  • SSL
  • Configurable Public Pages

Enterprise For large businesses

  • Unlimited vehicles
  • Custom domains
  • Custom reports
  • API Integrations
  • Regional server
  • Physical security keys

Starter account

Single vehicle account, regardless of business or individual. $9 usd per month. 5gb storage sufficient for an individual project. Video minutes not included
Can be upgraded to another account at any time. Get started documenting your passion today.

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* Estimate storage based on selected camera. Storage is based on all files uploaded + reports.

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We can customise a plan to suit your needs, from small to large businesses we're confident we'll make something work for you. Be it storage space, custom domains, dedicated private cloud for large enterprises

30 day trial period

We have a no obligation trial period before you paying your first invoice. Our friendly staff will help you through setting up your account and getting the most out of GlobalWorkshop so you can be confident before signing up.

Active Vehicles

Active vehicles you can update at any time. Once you have stopped work on a vehicle, you can place it into cold storage - it's still accessible in read only mode and is removed from your Active vehicle count, but not update able. Cold storage vehicles are billed at $1 usd per vehicle/per month. read more

Get started with a 30 day trial.

Click free trial to request a demo account, one of our team members will be in touch to help get you setup. You have 30 days obligation free to try the service out.