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    Your vehicles autobiography
    Keep a logbook of each of your vehicles online
    Recording your passion
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    A digital asset for your vehicles
    An automatically compiled chronological history
    Transferrable at sale time
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    Fast and easy
    A secure online vehicle logbook.
    That you can update anywhere, anytime

GlobalWorkshop™ is an online vehicle logbook chronicling all aspects of build, restoration, and maintenance. This intuitive system will enable you to have a digital record of your passion.

Update your collection in seconds

From a suspension rebuild through to a historic race win - simply upload your photos, videos and notes either via a browser or the mobile app. GlobalWorkshop takes care of the rest; organising your updates into a chronological history, resizing photos, displaying videos and more

All automated and in mere seconds, from the moment you press upload till it's online.

Reference in one place, any time

Each upload is collected and organised automatically within your own private GlobalWorkshop site.

You, and your guests (friends, sponsors, family) can login and your vehicles history 24/7 - referring back to what you did last day, month or year. Easy to navigate and beautifully presented whether you have one or dozens of vehicles.

Benefits of using GlobalWorkshop

Centralise Information

Capture photos and videos that are scattered around on various devices in one place. Reducing the risk of precious data being lost.

Share with your friends & sponsors

Using guest passes you can share vehicles in your collection with your friends - only what you see.

Your collection in your pocket

Wherever you are in the world, open up GlobalWorkshop and you can refer back to your collection.

Easier insurance

Need to get a detailed account of your vehicle to your insurance company? Easy it's all in one place.

Save time

Are you particular about documenting your machine? We'll save you time - it's easy and fast to do.

A new asset for your vehicles

Each vehicle logbook on GlobalWorkshop is transferrable. On a vehicle sale provide access to this history and transfer to the new owner.

Easy, intuitive and fast

Global Data centers

GlobalWorkshop is served from various Data centers around the world to provide the best uptime, reliability and performance. Enterprise account holders get further options about choosing where to have their accounts served from.

  • West Coast, USA
  • East Coast, USA
  • London, England
  • Australia (on request)
  • Singapore (on request)


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