Know you're in good company

The first question anyone has in looking at a new service, who uses it ? We've provided a few examples below of both companies, and where GlobalWorkshop came from - the end customer, to give you confidence. GlobalWorkshop is built for businesses like yours

Dawn Treader Performance LTD

"Restoring the fastest race cars on the planet" accurately describes what Dawn Treader do. If your mind instantly gravitates to legendary 80's and 90's Formula 1 and Indy cars, then you have come to the right place.

Dawn Treader Case Study

Fraser Cars LTD

Based in Auckland, New Zealand Fraser cars produce a stunning Lotus 7 replica, with a loyal community of owners. GlobalWorkshop powers "The Fraser Pit", a gateway into the factory for new and existing owners, to watch as the factory, and owners, complete cars around the world.

Fraser Cars Case Study

Fraser #330

Where GlobalWorkshop started. We thought we'd write a case study on it. Why ? One day a guy who really loved the web, and really wanted to be sure he got updates on his Fraser build, sat down and had a think. The result is now the platform housing some of the many guys (and girls!) personal dreams.

Fraser SP 330 Case Study

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