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Cross-Cultural Project Management Training


Welcome to the Cross-Cultural Project Management Training page. Here you will find information about our two-day workshop designed to improve the cross-cultural competencies of project managers working overseas, enabling them be be more effective and productive. To view information about our trainers and coaches, enter here. To receive Free Additional Information about our project management workshop, click on the free additional information button at the bottom of the description.  

Title: "The Project Management Process: Applying a Cross-Cultural Perspective" - Workshops for International Project Managers and Others Contributing to International Projects

"The Project Management Process: Applying A Cross-Cultural Perspective" is a highly participative workshop to optimize the effectiveness of American businesspeople who manage major projects abroad. ("Working Effectively on International Projects" is another title under which this workshop has been delivered.)


- to learn that specific cross-cultural factors affect the course of the project management process

- to recognize clearly elements of the U.S. cultural perspective and how they influence the project management process

- to increase skill in utilizing the project management process in international settings by taking the above into account

- to learn how to integrate key cross-cultural factors into the formal project management statement and resulting process

- to gain awareness of communication issues and their impact on the project management process in a cross-cultural setting

- to gain skills in planning, organizing, and monitoring that are transferrable to broader project management responsibilities


Usually, two days. The course may be longer if a specific geographical focus -- e.g., China -- is included. A one-day demonstration version of the course may be offered in some circumstances.

Coach’s Qualifications:

- senior group facilitator of a wide range of programs with years of successful corporate experience

- extensive experience training corporate professionals, including engineers, using this workshop

- high familiarity with project management practices and their cross-cultural application


Workshop Day One: Understanding a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Section 1: Course Introduction

Section 2: Project Management: A Review

Section 3: Management Abroad: A Cultural Framework

Section 4: Panel of Former Expatriate Managers

Section 5: Application of the Cultural Framework

Section 6: Intercultural Communications

Section 7: Using Intercultural Publications

Workshop Day Two: Applying a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Section 8: New Project Planning Elements

Section 9: Case Study Completion (Three work periods with report-outs)

Section 10: Conclusion

Customization Options (customization fees apply):

- Section 2: Review may be of Kepner-Tregoe or other project management approach.

- Section 4: If your firm has no returned expat managers, GlobalWorkshop will explore options with you.

- Section 9: Cases are based on your firm's experience abroad. Or GlobalWorkshop can provide cases.

- Course may include a geographical/cultural focus, e.g., China. Three days required as well as a second facilitator (resource person).

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