GlobalWorkshop™ is an online logbook chronicling all aspects of boat building, refit and running. This intuitive system will enable you to keep your owners informed with the greatest of ease.

Effortless information

From the construction of the hull through to final sea trials keeping stakeholders informed is made simple.

GlobalWorkshop helps you manage a visual history of your vessels. Organising your updates into a chronological history, resizing photos, encoding vidoes, notifying interested parties and more.

One simple upload in your boat yard through our mobile apps, to your private GlobalWorkshop Portal in the cloud.

Reference entire history one place, any time

Each upload is collected and organised automatically within your own branded GlobalWorkshop portal.

People whom you nominate can see the vessels history 24/7 - with easy to understand privacy levels controlling visibilty of information. Simple to navigate and beautifully presented whether a vessel has 100 photos, or 10'000 photos.

Privacy settings control who has access down to individual uploads with secure logins and individual guest passes

“ The feedback from our customers has been excellent. They feel valued, they feel that we are communicating above and beyond how we ‘should’ be. They are sharing with friends and family, who are all equally impressed. ”

Ida Tristram, Fraser Cars Ltd

Benefits of using GlobalWorkshop

Centralise Information

Capture photos, videos and files that are scattered around on various devices in one place. Reducing the risk of precious data being lost.

Inform Stakeholders regularly

From owners, owners representatives, investors to your own staff. All can have access to your GlobalWorkshop Portal

Marketing Channel

Using Guest passes, and restricted public access, showcase your work to new potential customers.

A digital asset

The entire history of a vessel, from concept drawings to sea trials - years of work condensed into a transferrable history.

Save time

From customer progress reports, through to referencing historic data - we make it easy and fast. GlobalWorkshop is built to make documentation easy.

Easy reference

At any time refer back to prior progress reports. Making it easy to see what was recorded during construction.

Easy, intuitive and fast

Global Data centers

GlobalWorkshop is served from various Data centers around the world to provide the best uptime, reliability and performance. Enterprise account holders get further options about choosing where to have their accounts served from.

  • West Coast, USA
  • East Coast, USA
  • London, England
  • Australia (on request)
  • Singapore (on request)

Get started with a 30 day trial.

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