GlobalWorkshop™ has solutions for Marine, Construction and Aviation.
The same passion shared with building a car is no different to building a boat, restoring a WWII airplane, or crafting a modern dream home. We provide solutions to make it quick, easy and efficient to compile comprehensive documentation.

Thousands of hours of work, true craftsman using raw materials and tools to produce a finished product. Use GlobalWorkshop to record that story digitally - all of those priceless photographs, records, important files and more.

  • Keep your customers up to date; in the same town, or other side of the world
  • Audit reports. Keep documentation on what happened when.
  • Portfolio of your work. Updated in realtime as you upload images and videos.
  • Backed up. Stored online gives you a second location.
  • Save money and time. Our tooling cuts down on the time it takes to keep your customers and stakeholders informed.

Email and we will discuss your needs.