GlobalWorkshop is run by a highly skilled group of professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds.
Their passion is ensuring your passion has the ultimate in build documentation

Rowan Hick Founder and Managing Director

From a young age I was surrounded by books about road and race cars, watched racing, wanted to build a racecar, dreamed about race cars. I was especially a lost cause during the Group C / Group B / Turbo F1 era...

Despite the love of cars I had a natural calling to computers. My career started in New Zealand in the mid 90's building complex desktop engineering applications. In 2005 I moved to Canada where I built and lead teams delivering web and mobile applications culminanting in an Enterprise role leading Product Innovation at the largest Sales and Merchandising company in North America.

This gave me a unique viewpoint and significant experience in enterprise security and scale, creativity and the latest technology - all for the biggest brands in the world

In 2011 I decided I wanted to move back to New Zealand which lead to a wanting to get the one car I wanted since a little boy, a Fraser Clubman.

With this background and passion for automotive machinery, combined with 17 years of Software development I realised that things could be done a lot better than traditional "email pictures when the client asks for an update" progress report.

12 months later the first iteration of GlobalWorkshop was born, shadowing the progress of my Fraser Clubman getting crafted.

I'm immensly proud of enabling our customers to showcase their work easily, securely and having their customers more involved in the process!

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Erin Analytics and Operations

Coming from a vast knowledge of large scale eCommerce and B2C marketing Erin has applied her MBA background to pushing GlobalWorkshop forward. She has a deep passion of online systems and communication, and a love of learning ensures we're constantly using latest processes, techniques and pushing ourselves forward.

Advisors and Partners

We have a number of advisors and carefully selected business partners across various disciplines. Helping us from product evaluation in sectors other than motorsports, through to the finer points of law, and handling our growing development tasks as we continue to grow

About Us

Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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