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Complete vessel & vehicle build planning Coming soon

In May 2023 we undertook development that would allow planning an entire machine , with the flexibility and customisation that bespoke builders need to be effective.

Traditional ERP/MRP systems don't work in the bespoke industry. For high end customised builds, they struggle to handle the complexity of the build process.The promise of ERP systems falls short in reality.

A bespoke build has lots of unknowns, and custom parts or items that need to be made. Even entire areas of a machine may just have a budget figure with reality figured out on the workshop floor. ERP systems don't like this - they tend to like everything planned up front.

Tracking purchasing - ensuring you have the right parts received for which area of the machine, ready to commence a phase of the build (even knowing where they are! in your facilities) can be a constant headache.

Knowing we had a good mobile app for tracking parts and time from the factory floor, we also had the ability to create custom parts on the fly easily, we set out to solve bigger problem of 'an easily customisable, and trackable Bill of Materials for a machine'

Now in April 2024 - one of our first clients, after working closely with us for months to give feedback on development and run real-world scenarios through it, is about to run their first boat build off it.

We wanted to tell you about it and how it works, and if it looks applicable for your business, we would love to talk to you.

What constructors edition enables you to do

  • 01. Setup Libraries

    You can pre-save common vehicle templates, and packages e.g. a race engine package used across multiple machines, as Bills of Materials to be used for new estimates.

  • 02. Estimate a build

    Pick from a vehicle template to setup the build, then customise for that client. 1000's of tasks/parts organised into the areas of the machine with fast drill-down to find and change what you need.

  • 03. Release and Order

    Release some or all parts of the build which automatically generates purchase orders and creates tasks for your staff to track time against.

  • 04. Build It

    As you build the machine, staff can be given pick lists, then track time and consumption of parts using the GlobalWorkshop app. Accumulating costs and starting the part lifecycle for everything on the machine.

  • 05. Track in realtime

    As you progress construction, you can see your performance to budget in real time. Seconds from when the last welding rod was scanned on the floor, to the cost of that rod being added to the build.

  • 06. Inform clients

    Keep clients informed using our client app, so they can see a visual timeline of their dream coming to life. Universally regarded by our clients - their clients love it.

A preview

Iamge Description

Library BOM

Either from an existing spreadsheet, or using our simple interface, you can setup a library of parts and assemblies to represent your machines.

We have 'Multi-level' BOM's, so you can create the Hull inside the Hull have an Engine Hatch , then in the Engine Hatch have the Engine package (an assembly)

Within the engine package you have the crate engine, mounts, wiring loom, installation tasks etc that's required to install the engine.

Iamge Description

Estimate / Quote

Dropping the BOM in from the library, you can freely change this for your clients desires.

A special leather only found in the Swiss Alps, or Twin 1550 dual cal turbo engines? No problem. If you have pre-saved assemblies, you just pick the assembly and all the labour & parts are automatically added.

We can even customise a PDF for you with your brand & coversheets, presenting a professional sales package at the click of a button.

Iamge Description

As built plan

Each machine has a live 'as-built' bill of materials, tracking all the time, parts and purchase order processes. A fast search system lets you easily jump to areas of a machine quickly. Ongoing work such as servicing and upgrades have their own BOM plans, enabling you to see the complete lifetime view of a machine.

We would love to show you

Get in touch with us via the form below (which, yes, we will answer!) and we'll send you demo video and setup time to talk.

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