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GlobalWorkshop is tool that allows workshops and owners of vehicles to maintain a documented history of a project. The following page documents the general terms of use of GlobalWorkshop system

The complete Terms and Conditions will be supplied as part of setting up your demo account - the following is a summary of intent.

As an account holder you agree to act in good faith. The follow are core terms of use that you agree to when signing up, or completing a pre-registered account:

  • Service GlobalWorkshop is a service, not software. As long as you have a paid subscription to retain the right to receive the service for the period remaining on your subscription. Should you wish to cancel your subscription then your right to use GlobalWorkshop will end midnight New Zealand Standard time, of the last day of your subscribed period.
  • Content You agree to upload only original content that you own, or have rights to use. In the advent of questions over ownership of content GlobalWorkshop, it's employees and clients, will act conservatively - we will need proof of ownership or rights, in the advent any image(s), video(s) or other content come into question. We reserve the right to remove proactively or reactively any content.
  • Security You agree you will never share your login credentials and choose safe, strong passwords. If you wish to give people access to your vehicle(s) profile(s) on this site, you will use the included Guest Pass functionality. If you have two factor authentication keys you will never share your key with anyone else and agree to notify security@globalworkshop.com or your site administrator, immediately upon loss of a key.
  • Community You agree you will act in good faith with other members of the service. You will not spam, post offensive content, use offensive language, or in any other form attempt to harrass members of this site.
  • Malicious activity You will agree not to perform any type of malicious activity against this site and GlobalWorkshop systems. Including but not limited to hacking, intrusion, port scanning, denial of service and more. We actively monitor systems and should you engage in any of this, we will immediately suspend your account and optionally refer you to the appropriate authorities. We take this activity very seriously for the privacy and security of our users.
  • Intellectual Property You agree you will not copy, clone, reverse engineer the service and it's tools in whole or part. The GlobalWorkshop main website (www.globalworkshop.com), GlobalWorkshop Service, and any associated Mobile Apps are property and copyright of the Clever Robots Limited
  • Access by minors You must not sign up or apply for a trial account 18 years or younger. You may not give guest passes, or otherwise enter details of anyone 18 years or younger.

Contact us at privacy@globalworkshop.com

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Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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