Privacy and Data Use Policy

GlobalWorkshop is a service that allows workshops and owners of vehicles to maintain a documented history of a project. The following page documents the privacy policy and data secures measure we at GlobalWorkshop have put into place. We have a number of key principles that we adhere to:

  • Privacy is paramount, we treat your data as if it were our own
  • Collect the minimum amount of personally identifiable data for the GlobalWorkshop tool and associated application(s) to function.
  • Collect any data as required by law.
  • Place safegaurds on that data to prevent unauthorised disclosure of it

Internet law and personal information privacy is complex and ever changing. Over time we expect changes to this policy, if so you will find a notice(s) after you've signed in of any changes.

GlobalWorkshop™ is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited. Our governing jurisdiction is New Zealand, we adhere to the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) refers to any that can identify you as an individual Vehicle Information refers to any information around a vehicle - imagery, text or videos. These are two separate classes of information. This privacy policy governs PII, unless where stated

What we collect

In order for the site to function, we collect the following pieces of data

  • Personally Identifying Information First Name, Last Name, Nickname (if providedd), Email Address and a password. Optionally depending on account type, you could provide additional details such as address or phone number. As well us an image of your choosing that represents you within the tool - this may or may not identify you.
  • Non Personally Identifying Information We collect a number of details from the browser(s) that you use to access the site. The user agent, referral path, cookie details. These are needed for the site to function and to analyse performance of the site.
  • Vehicle Information By very nature of the service, we collect any imagery, videos, text that you upload/save about vehicles. Where possible we strip identifying information out of imagery that is resized for display on the site (EXIF data) with the exception of original files stored.

What we do with it

We use the information in various ways from site and application functionality to diagnostic and debugging work.

  • Site functionality The majority of the information collected is used in order for the site to function and place appropriate security measures inplace. Workshop adminstrators have access to information you provide such as name, address and email along with the core vehicle information, to enable use of the system and to communicate with you.
  • Analysis As part of developing and maintenance of any service online we need to access data from time to time to analyse site performance, usage trends, security checks and any debugging where necessary
  • Communication In the unlikely event we need to contact you, GlobalWorkshop may use your contact details to communicate with you about matters related to your account of the service.

Who has access it, where is it stored

  • Access to your data for site functionality the workshop administrator(s) of this site within their administrative/dashboard sections of the GlobalWorkshop have access to your contact details you've supplied and any items you've flagged as private. Any members only items are visible to other members of the site, along with your name/nickname as you've specified. Finally any items set with public privacy is visible in public section(s) of this site.
  • Access for development and maintenance Directors and employees of Clever Robots Ltd (publishers of GlobalWorkshop) have access to the underlying database, logs, images and other forms of data in order to operate the service effectively
  • Our suppliers systems house the systems that store and transfer your data. We have carefully selected our vendors from reputable worldwide leaders in the industry. Our vendors manage server, storage and networking infrastructure. Your data both PII and VI is stored on various systems globally for redudancy and performance.

    Suppliers of services to GlobalWorkshop include but not limited to:

    • Linode LLC - Hosting provision
    • Amazon Web Services - Hosting provision
    • RollBar - Cloud application diagnostics
    • Google Analytics - Site & Mobile analytics
    • Google Firebase - Mobile diagnostics & performance

  • Data locations include UK, EU, and USA (various locations). Our primary data storage location is in the USA. Images are stored across the US dependent on need. With all data stored in a minimum of 2 geographic locations. As the service expands we may expand our global footprint for content delivery (image serving). Should your private images, or data, be stored on server(s) outside of USA/UK/EU we will notify you.
    Citizens / residents of the EU - by using this service, you recognise that your data is transferred out of the EU into the USA where our primary datacenters lie.
  • For debugging purposes from time to time we may need to pull down data into our physical offices (New Zealand), we encrypt and carefully manage your data when we do so.
  • We will never share logins, demonstrate sites or otherwise breach the privacy of your data.

Tracking Cookies

We use cookies as part of GlobalWorkshop systems to allow use of GlobalWorkshop Marketing website (this site) and the GlobalWorkshop Application. The following 3rd party systems we use also have tracking cookies.

  • Google Analytics used for main website (this website) tracking and performance. Used for mobile app tracking and performance to enhance service for users.
  • Vimeo used for Video Hosting for Promotional Videos on this website, Instructional Videos in GlobalWorkshop service, cookies are used for tracking viewer statistics
  • Hubspot used for CRM and marketing purposes.

How do we safegaurd it ?

We have many procedures and technologies put in place to help prevent any authorized access to your data, as well as steps to prevent against accidental data (including image) loss. We following industry standard principles such as defense in depth, with mutliple layers of security. All access and storage of data is encrypted. If this site is an Enterprise account the site will be protected with an SSL certificate. We store multiple copies of data on geographically separate machines to limit any catastrophic data loss

Removal of your data

At anytime you can contact to remove any personal data we may hold on you in the system (account details) and any identifiable photos/videos you may have uploaded. We will remove your data from our systems and delete it from our servers. Data as per normal IT practise will still reside in backups until backup rollover has occurred.

Access by minors

Our services are directly targetted for businesses or individuals with vehicles. We disallow anyone under the age of 18 to sign up to the service or have their details entered into the service. If you are concerned about this please contact us on to review.

Do you have any concerns ?

You may contact us at

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