GlobalWorkshop SmartCodes

A game-changing system allowing immediate access to reference information, all from a simple QR coded label.

  • 01. Select

    Choose a timeline update, a privacy setting, the label style, and what label text you would like. Your smart code is now ready.

  • 02. Print

    Using our Android app or on desktop, print the label. Stick it on the part of a machine, box, shelf or documentation you want to reference.

  • 03. Scan

    In the future anyone can scan that code and immediately see what you want them to. If it's private this is locked to only appropriate people in the GlobalWorkshop app.

02. GlobalWorkshop Smart Codes

immediately reference with SmartCodes

Launching for all customers in August 2022 is our SmartCode system.

Unlock reference material by making it instantly accessible, linked to the real world. Be it a location on a vehicle, or the parts stored in a warehouse - simply attach a label generated from GlobalWorkshop which can be scanned at any time in future. Image description

Accessible by anyone

No app needs to be installed, simply scan the label from most modern smartphones and the camera will instantly recognise the QR code and open that item.

Easy to create

From our Android app, you can create a label printed directly from a WiFi enabled Brother Printer for any of your timeline updates.
Supported printers : QL820NWB, P900W

Private or Public

You can select the privacy level so either your staff or clients with GlobalWorkshop can access the scan, or you can make it publicly visible to all. Your choice.

Unlimited uses

Wiring diagrams, tear-down & assembly procedure videos, service history notes, suspension setup, inspection videos, part warranty information and more.

Image description

See how easy it is to create a smart code

Content credit: Dawn Treader Performance Ltd

Image description

Professional Brother Labeling integration

We certify the P900W to work with our GlobalWorkshop Pro Android App (iPhone coming soon). We recommend this printer as it has the following features:

  • Print wirelessly With the GlobalWorkshop Pro app on the same WiFi network as your printer, you can print labels direct from the phone
  • Durable, laminated labels These labels won't easily fall off, or be smudged. Brother offers a variety of label widths and adhesive types. To ensure maxmimum scan effectiveness we recommend 36mm tape with black on white color.
  • Half-Cuts Okay so there's one thing everyone hates about labels, and it's peeling them off. Not with this printer - it has a half cut feature so that label is pre-cut away from the backing paper making it easy to peel.