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Anything that you can think of. Our primary focus is Automotive, Marine and Aviation. We're tailoring our features to those industries.
We have small accounts with a handful of images per project to accounts with 10'000s of photos per project. Companies large and small benefit from GlobalWorkshop. We don't have a hard upper limit of what you can put on GlobalWorkshop. If you have extremely high volumes (1000's of images uploading per day) required we will work with you on a dedicated setup.
Proof is in how much hand holding our customers need and the truth is - very little. We created a set of help guides and they rarely, if ever, get used. The system is intuitive and quick to get started with. Don't just take our word for it Sign up for a trial account and see
Yes, yes you can ! Just email us our use the web chat feature to setup a time to talk. info@globalworkshop.com
Yes - we can provide GlobalWorkshop in other languages - as we're just starting on that front we welcome feedback if our translations aren't quite right.


Only you, and GlobalWorkshop staff for the provision of services and safety. In this unfortunate world people may try to abuse this system and we have to monitor content as a result (yes, really, it's a thing and we wish we didn't have to). We will be automating this in future with AI based detection tools.
Your data will be hosted with a combination of key industry services. Linode LLC, datacenters on the US. Amazon Web Services, datacenters in the US.
We keep our footprint as minimal as possible to prevent both data leaks and use of data by 3rd parties.

For the GlobalWorkshop service - our hosting & web service suppliers (Linode, Amazon). For error collection and reporting Rollbar. For content moderation in future Amazon Rekognition.

We do not link to, or allow to be linked to Google, Facebook or other platforms from within GlobalWorkshop Services (standard accounts). White Glove tier accounts may request Google Analytics integration.

For our general company operations, marketing & sales purposes we use Google Workspaces, Google Analytics, Vimeo, and HubSpot CRM tools.


Full access to the system. You can upload photos/videos. Email / Live Chat (hours dependent) support and also help guides if you need them. All project information is carried over into your paid subscription.
Yes you can, according to account limits. If you downgrade to a smaller plan then you may have to remove projects to get under the storage limit for your account.
Yes you can, your account will cease access at the end next billing period. E.g. if paid monthly then access will stop end of the month. Yearly end of the billed year.
A feature coming (Roadmap by end 2021) will allow you to download a zip file per project off all images, links to video files to download and any text notes you have entered.

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Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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