A powerful, yet simple set of features included with your GlobalWorkshop account - tailor made to help your business.

Cross device support

Access from a browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Hosted in the cloud

Nothing you need to install, just sign up for an account and you're up and running.

Capturing progress

At the core of GlobalWorkshop we make it fast and easy to capture visual progress of a project.

Project Timeline

As you upload reports, all of your vehicles details are automatically organised into a chronological timeline, enabling you to easily see the progression and history of a vehicle

Photo Storage

Store as many photos as you like (up to your account limit) for each of your projects, all neatly categorised within a timeline. We take care of the hard bits like resizing them.

Private Videos

Secure and safe storage for your videos enabling you to share privately with you and your customers. Perfect for that GoPro footage..

Privacy Controls

Every profile and timeline update has privacy settings - whether you want to show it off, or hide it from prying eyes, you're in control.

Secure Image Handling

Identifying information such as EXIF/GPS info is automatically stripped from images, enabling you to share with confidence.

File Upload

Each project also has an area to store miscellaneous files. Use this for design briefs, ECU maps etc

Accelerated Uploads

New Sep '21 Faster video file uploads, making it quicker to get content to your customers

Dedicated Mobile Apps

New Nov '21 Designed to make it easy to make progress reports in seconds from the factory floor

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Partner Projects

New Nov '21 Share a project between multiple GlobalWorkshop accounts to allow multiple businesses to work on a single vehicle

Private Client Access

Allow your customers and stakeholders to see securely, privately, that progress you've made.

Secure Client Portal

Your clients can login and see their project(s) - all of the history and latest updates as they happen. When you make a an update they get automatically notified

View photos/videos

No need for your customer to download files. Photo viewer and secure video players directly in the portal


On each update both you and your clients can comment, enabling you to get organised, direct feedback on stages of a build

Guest Passes

You or your customers can share vehicles with select friends, family and associates privately. Subscribing to updates people get notified as and when updates are made.

Customer Updates

Often these are passion projects and the customer wants to add their own history, particularly for restorations


The system automatically tracks when your clients have viewed the updates so you're confident they have seen them

Categorisation and searching

On large projects with 1000's to 10'000 images/video, and hundreds of updates, finding things quickly is important


Associate updates with a configurable set of tags. Enabling you to quickly find everything related to an aspect of construction.

Search Engine

An inbuilt search system allows you to lookup any past updates across all your projects

Timeline Collections

Save a filter based on tags/privacy/date range, you can view these in your project or use them to generate reports from.


Generate printable reports at the touch of a button, from last weeks work to an entire vehicles history. All with no extra effort.

Image gallery

See a gallery of images across all of your projects, quickly filter down and find images based on project

Capture and use information across your team

Usually updating customers falls on one persons shoulders, not with GlobalWorkshop - features designed to both get updates from your team, and provide information across your team.

Multiple Administrators

Allow named members of your team access to your company account while allowing them to also post updates to client projects

Workshop Only Updates

Store updates accessible only to your business - reference photos of wiring, items on jobs you need to tidy up. All in one place without being shown to clients.

Synced across your team

All of your team can access each projects timeline on their desktop/mobile apps. Easily go back and reference photos/videos from days to months ago

Restrict team from publishing to clients

A permission system enables you to allow your team to capture progress reports, locked to a 'Workshop only' privacy setting, so clients don't see them. With our update editing features, you can move key photos/videos into client facing updates.

Additional Features

Included in our Pro and Enterprise account levels are additional features

Parts Inventory Basic

Keep track of parts on your vehicles, the serial numbers, purchase dates and purchase amounts.

Competition History

Current or historic. Record competition placings, best lap times and drivers. Keep a record of the valuable history for each vehicle.

Logging Templates

Collect abritrary data such as suspension settings, or engine log hours.

Training and support

Not everyone is tech savvy. We understand you're more at home behind a Snap-on tool than a keyboard. That's why we provide simple to follow videos to get you up and running in no time.

Public Web Presence

Want to make some or all of your vehicles log entries public? Doing so will give you an online presence that is updated as your vehicles are updated, no extra cost.

Audit Trail

Coming Soon Check who did what, when, on your account so you can be sure accuracy of information


We are constantly thinking of ways to help your business, here's just a sample of items on our roadmap.

  • 2021


    Update Reminders All Accounts

    Set a schedule of when you want updates sent to customers. Get a scheduled weekly email, reminding you of projects you need to update.

  • 2021


    Mobile Apps

    Using your latest Android phone, upload photos direct from the workshop floor or racetrack. Offline access enabling you to take updates without mobile data and sync up later when you have a connection.

    See preview here
  • 2021

    Dec-Jan 22

    Advanced Parts Management Pro and Enterpise Only

    Putting our parts management on steriods. Print QR Coded labels to place on bags/boxes. Track where your parts are at the touch of a button.

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