Collectors Edition

A sneak peek into our upcoming system for private collectors

Rapidly being adopted by the bespoke vehicle industry, from arrive and drive race programs though to restoration and hot rods, GlobalWorkshop is the only software system that can manage the entire lifecycle of a vehicle build.

It has always been our vision that we wanted to bring this level of control to the private collector.

We are currently working on a 'Collectors Edition' of GlobalWorkshop that will allow you to manage your vehicle collection in the same way that a professional workshop would manage a build. With features specifically designed to take the headaches out of managing a large collection of vehicles.

The collection is bigger than your documents

Managing a collection is a full time job. We make it easier.

Complete Documentation

A completely unique chronological history of your cars

Collection App

Easily access your collection on your phone, key details always to hand

Media Management

We make it simple to take photos and videos of your cars, stored centrally

File Storage

Precious ECU maps, dyno charts and tuning documents can all be retained with the car

Consolidate Updates

Consolidate all your GlobalWorkshop Updates into one master record


A checklist per car enables you to keep track of all the items that need to be done

QR Codes

Individually code your cars so you scan and jump into them from discrete labels

Startup Procedures

Keep startup procedures easily to hand so you know how to start a car

Collection Docs

Download a PDF report of your collection at the touch of a button

Location Management

Track whereabouts in storage your cars are with a record of movements

Last Driven

Keep on top of when cars are last driven, saving costly repairs from lack of use


For motorsport collectors, life all the components on a car

Spares storage

Track where spares are, easily from each car. When it was last placed in storage and removed


Give your collection manager, executive assistants, or family access

Dropbox Sync

An additional layer of protection, we can sync data to a secondary dropbox account

Modern, easy to use software

We're a firm believer, if the software is easy, you're going to use it.

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Android or iPhone

Mobile apps to enable access to your collection on the go, quickly see any part of the collection, jump in and add notes, photos and videos on vehicles while you're out at events.

Powerful management tools

For your collection manager, they get a powerful web interface to manage the collection, with the ability to add notes, photos, videos, and documents to each car. Whether it's a scanned photo from the 1940's, or the latest video off your smart phone, all in one place, accessible and organised.

Organise your collection

Tag, sort and filter your vehicles as needed. You can save smart collections accessible on your phone to quickly jump into different parts of your collection

Smart code / QR codes

From your mobile app scan generated QR codes to immediately see information. Imagine on each key having a small QR code that lets you look up the start procedure - reminding you of exactly how to get a 1930's V16 twin choke engine started.

Automatic Reporting

We can provide customised PDF reporting, to let you generic paper documents as needed - eg all financial/insurance details for your broker.

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Your todo list on the go

Built with feedback from real-world collections - we understand keeping on top of all the little (and not so little) to-dos can become a big job. Note down in the app any thing the crops up while out on a drive so it's not forgotten

Manage across the collection

Your collection manager can oversee all the to-do's across your entire collection, quickly sorting/searching and organise what needs to be done and by whom.

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Lifing, without the spreadsheet

Critical component service intervals can be tracked within GlobalWorkshop, with alerts when components are due for inspection, service or replacement. For the motorsport collector, this is a must have feature.

  • Inspection, service, and total life calculation of components
  • Calculations based on hours/distance/events/expiry dates
  • Aggregate and report across your collection
  • Easy app-based recording of a vehicle useage
  • Automatic alerting when limits tripped

Automatically update your collection

If a workshop doing a job on your car uses GlobalWorkshop you can supply them a unique code that enables their progress reports to be combined into your master records, giving you an unparalleled provenance record of each car.

Requires individual workshop authorisation.

With duty of care

You and your collection are not for sale.

No ads. No data sales

We have never, nor will we ever sell your data. We don't have ads. We don't have a 'freemium' model. We are a paid for system, and we are proud of that


We have a sustainable business model, no debt, that means we don't have to seek external funding to maintain operations. Our pricing reflects this.

Need-to-know access

Only a small number of our staff have access to your data. We have strict access controls and audit trails to ensure your data is safe.

We have no association with Insurance, Advertising, Vehicle Brokers, Finance providers.
The company that provides GlobalWorkshop is:
Clever Robots Limited
NZBN : 9429049598544
Auckland, New Zealand
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The track record to prove it

The first version of GlobalWorkshop was built as a side project in 2012 with the first photo uploaded December 15, 2012 (NZT). 2021 it hit the big time and we made it a full time job 2022. Since then we have been working with some of the most prestigious names in the automotive industry. The original vehicles, the original photos are still in the system today.

Built by petrolheads

GlobalWorkshop started, by the founder writing software to keep his own car documented. He loves cars, loves visiting workshops and events and is more than happy to get his hands greasy in an engine bay (when not writing code). The collectors edition sprung out of working closely with other collectors and hear the real-world feedback of the pain managing a collection.

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About Us

Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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