We're on the Car Chat Podcast, software and simrigs !

April 09, 2024

We're on the air

Well this is one for the books, Rowan was on Sam Moores' Car Chat Podcast, he talks about GW (naturally), his quick little Fraser, and Sim Rigs.

Click below to listen via the embedded player; or click here to listen on Spotify, or here to listen on Apple Podcasts

Rowans Top 5 Garage? Spoiler alert...

Well you have to listen to the Podcast for the other 4 cars, but this one is so rare we've put a video here incase you've not heard of it. Born from the ashes of the TVR Speed 12, is the TR Speed 12 Turbo - a modern incarnation of the Gran Turismo hero car

What's this sim rig Rowan's talking about?

See a couple of photos below - Rowan designed the 'G-Seat' component (left) which is controlled of by 4 high voltage/high accuracy AC Servo drives.

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