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The same world leading system for managing restorations, has features to support managing your museum

Here's a sample of features to make your life easier managing restorations:

Centralise Information

  • Each car has a history that you can easily add to

  • Every race, restoration, news article store in one place

  • Easily accessible by all staff across your museum

Expand the visitor experience

  • At the touch of a button generate QR codes that visitors can scan to see car history on their phones, no app required.

  • Hosted video making it easy to see the museum come alive

  • Security controls to share only what you want

Get control of your collection

  • Generate collection reports at the touch of a button - easy access to insurance details, registration, tags and much more.

  • Keep on top of service items with our new checklists feature. Out on the road driving your car and notice something that needs fixing? Note it down in the GlobalWorkshop app for future fixing.

  • Easily see todo's, service items and important dates across your collection.

  • The same system revolutionising workshops can be used to track your spares and tools for each car

  • Linking with workshops - does your workshop use GlobalWorkshop? If so updates can be synced into your master collection manager, keeping everything in one place.

One of a kind

GlobalWorkshop is modern software, built by professionals in the software arena who are also complete petrolheads. Not VC funded, no ads, we don't sell your data, we just provide you exceptional software.

Iamge Description

Get ontop of your collection today.

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About Us

Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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