Vehicle Build Management Software for

Classic Car Restoration

Preserving precious history

Vehicle restorations take countless hours and untold consumables to bring the decades of patina and wear back to concours condition.

Using GlobalWorkshop's features you can automate administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on the cars, and illustrate to your clients the detail work involved.

Dedicated features for restorations

Here's a sample of features to make your life easier managing restorations:

  • Using our Chrono media management all members of your team can have the app on their phones, recording visual history of what they've done. You can review and approve selected progress reports for clients to see.
  • Our 'workshop only' progress reports can be used for future reference. Record video and save away with the car, print a label and stick on a box - when it comes time to re-assemble a component, scan the label on the box and see exactly what you needed to do
  • When parts are removed preparing for restoration you can itemise and allocate to bins directly from our phone app, enabling you to quickly look up and find where parts are stored, who stored them and when they stored them.
  • Consumables such as welding rods, and sanding discs are so easy for staff to record improving cost recovery by knowing accurately how many consumables are used.
  • At invoicing time you're not constrained by the time periods for invoicing - you can collect hours and parts automatically across months if you wish. Smart rules automatically consolidate these so you can have invoices as detailed, or as brief as you like.
  • On vehicle sale, owners can refer back to the incredibly detailed history captured - giving trust to buyers around the vehicle condition

The ability to be completely transparent with our customers is the ultimate benefit from GW. We find our customers love seeing their build on short videos and photos updates throughout all stages and can communicate instantly with us on any aspect of the project or service being carried out. We all know that some of our customers would stand next to the tech in workshop if they could, well having the update feature and keeping the customer involved every step of the way is the next best thing to just that

Modern, easy to use software

Or vehicle build management software is designed for, and used by, the best in the industry. We're confident we have your needs covered for managing the next Pebble Beach Concours winning restoration.

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