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Hot Rods

Finally! A solution for the industry

For too long Hot Rod shops have had to 'make do' with using Garage Software or other project management software that isn't designed for long running Hot Rod builds. Often then resorting to paper time cards, job sheets and parts tracking - leading to precious hours wasted on builds, or consumables simply not tracked. Loosing you time and money.

Automate shop processes

Using our iPhone and Android apps we make it super simple for all shop staff, be it your 19 year old apprentice or 60 year old master metal worker, to track their time, and record consumables. As it's tracked live on the apps you can see instantly from your own unique GlobalWorkshop cloud portal how your business is performing, how you're tracking to budget on jobs, stock levels and more. In a few clicks you can instantly generate Invoices that automatically consolidate months worth of work into easily understandable formats quickly for clients.

Easy visual progress reports

Keeping your clients informed with visual progress reports - your team can take photos and videos on the fly, all within the GlobalWorkshop app. You can review and approve what gets shown to clients.

Your clients get an app

Your clients get an app, and get notified when new photos and videos are available. They see it all in a visual timeline of their builds which they can share with friends. Making them feel like they're 'in the shop'.

GlobalWorkshop is hands-down the best resource to efficiently track hours and materials in a fast-paced, multicar shop

Modern, easy to use software

Or vehicle build management software is designed for, and used by, the best in the industry.

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