Vehicle Build Management Software for

Race Preparation

Managing the finest racecars on the planet

Maintaining a fleet of customer race cars requires keeping on-top of documentation and tasks so they're ready for the all important race weekends.

Features to enable smooth operation of your shop

Here's a sample of features, to make the most of your time in the shop away from the track :

  • Keep set-up and set-down sheets stored with each car. Label them with QR codes generated from GlobalWorkshop to enable quick access from anywhere - even on a regular phone.
  • A shop calendar ensures you know when upcoming events are so you don't get caught short, linked with tasks on cars you can have a weekly and monthly calendar easily to hand.
  • QR Label all your consumable stores, making it easy to record parts in a hurry.

Hear direct from one of our clients, Racelab

Coming in 2024 H1 Our lifing module replaces those spreadsheets with quick, easy to use Component Lifing schedules for the cars you manage. Our client app informs the owners of the current state of everything on the car so theres' no surprises when parts need to be retired.

Produced by a software company that adores race cars How many industries are you in, that the people behind the software are avid enthusiasts. Well, here at GlobalWorkshop there's a good chance you're going to find a member of the team out at circuits on the weekends... we live for motorsport like you do.

Top Escort & Capri - courtesy Racelab

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Sample Race Preparation clients:

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