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Van conversions

Take your clients on a journey, before they start theirs

Organise your builds, keep track of what's happening and keep clients informed. Within a growing sector of the industry you need to stand out from the competition.

From pre-sales to handover & future servicing

Here's a small sample of features we have that can help improve your next Van conversion.

During Pre-Sales

  • Use our workshop guest pass feature to illustrate your capabilities, and the experience your clients should expect to receive.
  • At the all important specification step use our chrono client portal to illustrate design concepts, material choices. Record their decisions to refer back to later on keeping it documented all in one place. You can share completed design documents and quotes on the platform with the client so they don't have to hunt for information.

During the build stage

  • Using our Parts and Inventory system easily record stores of parts & consumables. Our low-stock alerts will let you know before you run out of parts stalling builds.
  • Easily record time from all your staff members, keep track of how you're going to budget on tasks so you can optimise and improve van costings.
  • Keep track of processes on parts, and where they are at suppliers so builds don't get held up when an important component isn't finished.
  • Invoicing is a snap, whether you're progress billing or time and materials billing we have features to cater for both.

At handover

  • Record the beautifully finished van and the moment you give the keys. Owners refer back to these photos often - a culmination of a dream now realised!
  • Take videos of key features on how to use them. Recorded all in their GlobalWorkshop client app so they can find the videos easily.
  • Use our Smartcodes system to convey future service and warranty information

When it comes back for servicing

  • Our quick jobs feature lets you track time and parts, going into a holistic view of that vehicle.

Since using Global Workshop we have also won multiple awards for our customer service and I feel the client portal has a big part to play in that. It has also functioned as a hub of information and photos for each van we produce that we can go back to at any time.

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