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Find out how this one-of-a-kind system can help you showcase your work and look even better in front of your clients. All the while saving time and eliminating the pain of dealing with large amounts photos & videos. From Aircraft, automotive to marine applications, GlobalWorkshop is the perfect solution for you.

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01. GlobalWorkshop Chrono

Saving you time

We designed GlobalWorkshop to be super easy to create high quality visual updates. And using a little magic, automatically generate project documentation on the go.

Automating tedious tasks

In order to create a progress report you simply select some photos, videos, tap in a few details, and press upload - GlobalWorkshop does the rest. From resizing, storing securely, transcoding videos and more steps - that you don't need to do any longer.

No technical skills required.

We grew up in workshops and on boatyards, we're not building systems for tech geeks - we know you're more familiar with a TiG welder than the keyboard. If you can use your phone, you can use GlobalWorkshop.

Utilise your team more, remain in control

Your team members can create updates throughout the week on their phones using the GlobalWorkshop app. Using a simple permission system you can ensure you have the final once-over before your client sees them.

" I'm more in tune with aircraft than computers, however with the complimentary mobile apps and the process being so easy, I can now easily upload HD videos and photos that our clients enjoy and truly appreciate " Steve Cox, Pioneer Aero

01. GlobalWorkshop Chrono

A central store for you and your clients

Keeping all your vehicles information in one place, GlobalWorkshop makes it easy to find information today, tomorrow or 5 years from now.

Accessible anywhere

Not hidden in a hard drive in your office, not sitting on Joe's phone in the workshop who's off sick. All of your vehicles photos, videos, and data is in one place secure and accessible from the cloud.

Show and hide updates at your discretion.

We recognise there's things you may not want to share with customers and make it easy to do so. You have flexible, easy to use permission system to determine who see's what.

Professional presentation

Using GlobalWorkshop you put the client experience first while their build is happening. Give them confidence and a premium experience fitting of the machines they're getting crafted by you.

" Having a centralised and accessible store of all our car data, history and photographs is invaluable during restorations and at the track ” Patrick Morgan, Dawn Treader Performance Ltd

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01. GlobalWorkshop Chrono

Bring your clients along their journey

Utilising GlobalWorkshop to make client updates more often, with higher quality, brings many benefits :

Less questions at invoicing time

Months won't elapse between updates - we'll even remind you if you wish! so when your client receives their progress invoices they're less likely to question, as they've seen the work gone in.

Clients see their dreams incredible detail.

If a picture's worth 1000 words, then video is worth a million. We make it easy to share HD video with your clients, and HD video makes your workshop come alive. Universally clients love seeing their work in full detail.

A new marketing channel for free.

With our guest pass system, your clients friends and family can follow along all with no extra work from you. Marketing for free!

" Our projects are as much about customer experience as they are about the end product - GlobalWorkshop not only provides the missing link for customers to feel involved with the process, but also provides an incredibly powerful tool for workshop management" Callum Seviour, Retropower

01. GlobalWorkshop Chrono

The heartbeat of Your workshop

A real-time feed of everything that's happening in your workshop on your GlobalWorkshop account.

What's happening at a glance

From images and videos being uploaded, customers viewing updates, even seeing guest activity. Your digital library is alive and we show you. With the Parts, and SmartCode modules see activity across your workshop.

Tailored for staff roles

For everyone who uses the Workshop Pulse feature, they can show or hide from upto 45 different actions in the system. Showing only what they need to see.

On the go, or at the office

Workshop Pulse is available in both Desktop and Apps. So you can keep tabs on your workshop wherever you are.

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GlobalWorkshop Parts

Connectors, coolant, welding supplies, bolts - all the things you consume. They're all expensive, and undoubtedly slip through the cracks in invoicing every month. Our Parts module makes it so easy to track, you'll increase your monthly billing on items you would have otherwise recorded as wastage. 4 Litres of high grade racing oil recorded that wouldn't have otherwise been and GlobalWorkshop pays it's way.

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01. GlobalWorkshop Parts

Stock control so easy there's no excuses

We built an easy to set up, and easy to use stock system. Create and label your bins, assign parts to bins. Then start tracking them from your phones - in the absolutely minimum of taps.

No paper or books to get lost

Your team member just taps the vehicle, scans the bin, taps in the number used, that's it! There is no other faster solution (that we know of!)

Visual confirmation

With pictures on each part, your team get a visual confirmation they've scanned the correct bin.

Real time view from the office

You don't need to wait for an upload, or sheets to be handed in at the end of the day. As soon as a part is assigned to a vehicle, it appears in your GlobalWorkshop Cloud Dashboard.

Get started now

We will set up your free trial now. With packages starting from £ 8.00 per user per month. No credit card required, simply register for a 30 day full feature trial. We will provide personal onboarding support as needed, don't hestitate to contact us!

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Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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