GlobalWorkshop Android App Released

Our goal is making it easy for you to document your work. Be it a painstaking multi-year restoration, or a clean room engine rebuild it should be easy to show your progress. Well today it's even easier - using an Android powered smartphone or Camera with our new app you can upload progress reports from realtime from the workshop floor.

It's easy and will save you time; take detailed photos of your work (the closer the better, zoom in on those details!) then open the app, select the vehicle, add new update - pick your photos, supply any extra info, tap done. In minutes the customer is updated. Because it's linked to your GlobalWorkshop account, its automatically categorised, email sent out to the owner, made searchable and more. We realise that not everyone is as adept as their teenage kids tapping out messages on their phone - so if you prefer you can even save the progress update as a 'draft' - and then finish off any notes online in your browser back in the office.

To find out more about it go here to our page detailing it.

We're really proud of it, it's a big milestone here at GlobalWorkshop HQ. In 30 seconds of your time, you do all that you need to. Our platform takes care of the rest, your customer is notified in minutes and given what we've seen they're likely to see that update in minutes!

Requirements: Android 4.1 and above. This is most devices in the past 2-3 years. According to Google there's about 3000 different device & android versions we're compatible with (yes, that many).

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