Easily organise your vehicle history with Collections

Now that Globalworkshop has a few years under it's belt we starting to see some big numbers of updates around vehicles. So we've released a new feature to automatically organise your updates based on date, privacy (and in future tags) . It works they way you work - be it phases, areas, or types of work. You choose. All with no extra work when making an update.

Collections enable you to easily setup rules to categorise your updates, and the system takes care of the rest. So you could if you wanted to say "Any updates between 1 Jan 2013 and 1 July 2013 were in the 'installing engine' collection". Any updates with a published date between those two dates, would then be visible in the "Installing Engine" collection, visible in the left hand profile menu of that vehicle. Either what has currently been uploaded, or what is uploaded in future is automatically shown in that collection. You can change the collections dates around, make one of only private updates, and in future assign tags to it (oh, you say, tags?... coming soon)

It's simple to to setup
- Go into the Vehicle Profile
- In the side menu scroll to the bottom, until you see "Collections", click on this
- Click on "New Collection"
- Follow the instructions to set it up based on date, and/or privacy levels.
- Done!

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