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As awesome and flexible as the Android eco system is there's a few things that need improving, and one of which is older phones getting new updates. One of the features that Android let us do was use the inbuilt Gallery/Photos apps to select photos from. However only the newest devices would let us do it.

You talked and we listened - based on your feedback, we've implemented a gallery picker directly in the app for selecting multiple photos at once**, as opposed to single selecting via other gallery apps. This allows multi-selection on Android versions earlier than 4.3. We've also touched up the New Update screen, adding some polish on keyboard handling. To make it easier to see what photos you've added we've put them in a grid on the update screen, and finally we've added a crash reporting system so we get notified of any errors to help improve your experience.

Version 1.0.12 is up now in the Google Play store - so go get your update and let us know what you think.

Want to know more about this companion app? go here to learn about it.

** We limit to uploading 12 full resolution photos at a time to be mindful of your bandwidth and battery, this will likely be a preference in future to vary this number.

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