Private Video storage

GoPro's. We love them - just as much as you. Capturing that incar footage, or precious moments in the workshop. But what do you do with that video once you've taken it - all sounds good in theory until the prospect of everyone in the world seeing that video on YouTube ... and then uploading it seems a whole lot less appealing.

Problem solved! we've now given you the ability to store videos privately on GlobalWorkshop. Keep them to yourself, or share them with your guest passes. You upload your edited video and we take care of the rest - we get it ready for viewing online and securely store it, categorised neatly on your vehicles profile

In the coming months we'll be adjusting our plan features to take account of this new capability, in the meantime if you'd like to try it out email us and we'll set it up on your account for you

How to

Step 1 - Capture awesome footage

Capture some awesome footage that you or your customers will love. It can be as simple as say, starting a car...

Step 2 - Transfer to your computer

Get the SD card out of your camera, put into into your computer and download your footage to your computer.

Step 3 - Edit it ready to upload

Edit it. Raw video files of cameras are massive, you'll spend forever uploading them and they'll have lots of moments you don't want. Using software like GoPro studio you can trim down the video to only what you need and then export it

We've found this little tutorial for you online to show you how to do it Tutorial on YouTube

Make sure the final video is under 1GB in size

Step 4 -Upload it to your GlobalWorkshop account

  1. Create a new timeline update and save it away ready to accept the video
  2. Click on the Edit button
  3. Click on the Add Video button
  4. Drag and drop the video file onto the upload area, press Upload Video
  5. Go and have a cup or tea while it uploads and processes, when you come back (depending on how fast your connection is) you will have your video done.
* For our Enterprise customers we're looking at options to speed this up

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