Transform a dropbox folder into a visual timeline

August 02, 2022

What does the Import Robot do?

It takes a folder full of files in your Dropbox account and :

  • Imports photos and videos
  • Creates timeline entries based on the weeks, or months those items were in automatically
  • Sets the privacy level
  • Sets the date automatically
  • If you have subfolders, will create and assign tags if you wish.

Now, even we were surprised of the results - logically (well we're logical people being developers) you know it's going to create a timeline. But when you see a folder of 1000's of media turned into a timeline over 3 years it's very, very cool. You can see the car coming to life each week. We're going to work on getting you a sample of one of the long running projects on GlobalWorkshop so you can see for your selves.

In the meantime, here's a training video, showing you exactly how it works !

Available now, on request.

While we're previewing this feature you can request it to be turned on for your account. Soon this will be a paid add-on as it puts a huge amount of throughput. One client pushed through nearly 10'000 (large file size) photos in a day... !

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