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February 05, 2024

Across 2021-2023 we have been working with a number of production oriented clients to understand their unique needs. We found where there simply isn't a viable solution for bespoke car/boat builders to manage a full build from a Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) plan through to the final delivery.

From Feb 2024, we will have in trial with select clients the ability to :

  • Build a library of BOMS (templates) detailing all the tasks, parts and processes required to build a vehicle
  • Setup component lifing schedules ahead of time
  • Provide allocated budgets for parts requiring prototyping/design work
  • Create an estimate in seconds using that pre-saved Vehicle Template
  • Modify it - swap out assemblies, upgrade components
  • Progressively release it into a live build
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders at each stage of release, months ahead of time if necessary.
  • Track parts received in manufacturer batches, knowing exactly what vehicle, and what area of the vehicle they were used on
  • Track live actual costs against the estimate, broken down into the areas of the vehicle
  • Apply new estimate changes as the customer changes their mind, merging in with the 'Live BOM'
  • See any unplanned part usage immediately
  • For any line item in the BOM be able to see associated:
    • Parts Scanned
    • Purchase Orders
    • BOM Routings (Processes)
    • Time tracked
  • Invoice all those labour and parts entries
  • Once the vehicle is complete automatically start managing your lifed components

We are, that we know of, the only software system on the planet doing this for the bespoke vehicle industry. And we are very excited to show this off once it's complete.

We don't know yet when this will be in production, we've got a pretty good idea, however it is the most complex thing we've ever done. It's never been done for this industry and it might need a bit of fettling before we're ready to release to everyone.

Do you want to know more? email us today on or follow our founder & lead engineer on Instagram @globalworkshop_rowan for all the inside information.

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