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February 08, 2022

Everyone has parts!

If it's one thing we know that talking to our customers gives us a lot of ideas and helps shape the future direction of GlobalWorkshop. We've had enough of our customers tell us "managing parts is a pain" and in line with the vision of what GlobalWorkshop is about, we set out to make that a whole lot easier!

Manage your stocked items easily

Your GW account now has an area allowing you to upload all of your stocked parts. From welding rods, to M8 bolts - you use it, you can upload it. You can then associate any of the parts to stock locations. We have a handy QR coding facility so you can print off a label for a bin

A digital passport for every part on your vehicle

Every time you remove a part from your vehicles, create an entry on your phone - then scan a bin that the part goes into. You now have started recording the history, or digital passport of that part. GlobalWorkshop never forgets, and never loses scraps of paper - your history will now be retained for the life of that part. Scan it back out of the bin - know who did that and when. Tap "send to supplier" you know in future which supplier received it and when.

A detailed walk through

Hot off the press our head of technology will take you through how this works

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