There's nothing like hearing what clients say....

September 10, 2022

Unbelievably chuffed !

Normally in software circles this would be a testimonial quote or a short 1-2min blurb. But not as we found on Thursday morning when Retropower posted this video. Which quite simply blew us away.

Great development partners

As mentioned in the video Callum and the team at Retropower has been giving us a tonne of feedback, helping to improve the product and is a very large reason why the Parts and Inventory module exists. It's been nothing short of wonderful getting that direct "hey it would be good if..." type feedback.

We're the small software company with an open phone line ...

This is the type of feedback we get: "wow, so you're actually real and will talk to us, that's great!". "with software x I could never talk to the developers, but I can with GlobalWorskhop, that makes all the difference"

We make it a habit personally to reach out every couple of weeks to a month or two when clients first come on board to hear if there's things that could be improved. Lots of features, tweaks and ideas come from these meetings.

We take all that great input, put that into the mix with our own vision of where we want to take GlobalWorkshop - this forms our roadmap, which hopefully then leads to more videos like Retropower's above!

So if you're reading this, and not yet a client, definitely watch Callum's video - it's a great run through of some features in GlobalWorkshop

-- Rowan

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