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Keep customers on their journey of their classic being built to new standards.

Eagle, Redux, MST, RetroPower - if you're a Restomod builder know you're in good company, we are a perfect fit for Restomodding.

Features to automate administration

Here's just a sample of what GlobalWorkshop can do :

  • Using our Chrono media management all members of your team can have the app on their phones, recording visual history of what they've done. You can review and approve selected progress reports for clients to see.
  • Your clients can give out guest passes for their friends and family to follow along their dreams coming to life. Giving you a new marketing channel for no extra work.
  • Organise your stores and easily track consumables within a build using our Inventory system. For your staff it's as simple as tapping on the car, scanning a bin, and tapping in how many units they need. Welding rods or 304 stainless cap screws, easier to record than using job sheets - making it truly easy to account for the true costs of a build.
  • Keep a record of major components on a build, track when they've gone out to suppliers for outsourced processing.
Hear direct from one of our clients, Retropower, about what they think of GlobalWorkshop
Iamge Description

Purpose built tooling

We've worked with a number of Restomod shops since the inception of GlobalWorkshop. Our set of features are designed to minimise office time so you can get on with the builds.

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Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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