Vehicle Build Management Software

The only software purposely designed for the restoration & fabrication vehicle industry.
Features to manage the build process from design to handover.

GlobalWorkshop™ enables you to easily manage & track all aspects of bespoke builds across automotive, aircraft and marine projects.

Build Timeline

A completely unique visual timeline of each build, generated from our apps, from concept to racetrack

Client Portal

Have your clients follow the journey on an app or browser, showcasing your work in HD

Media Management

From our private video hosting service, through to app based uploaders, we take the pain out of media files

Component Lifecycle

Track every part, whether it came from stock, or was stripped for restoration. Track processes, photos and history

Stock organisation

Get on top of your stock rooms with our organisation and easy bin/shelf labeling system

Stock consumption

There is no faster system to track usage of stock with our app based scanner

Smart QR Codes

Instantly lookup part or service information with our SmartCode system

Task management

Easily track tasks, with a job system designed for long running projects


Our app based timesheeting system makes recording painless


Automaticly generated with consolidation rules to suit your business

Workshop pulse

See activity in your workshop, away from the workshop.

Lots more!

This is just some of our features, use our free trial to find out!

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Trusted by the finest

Restoration, fabrication, restomods, exotic servicing, tuners and more. From Group C racecars, luxury yachts to warbirds, we have shops using GlobalWorkshop around the planet.

“ It's been so user friendly, everyone's been able to pick it up

Neil Garner, Racelab

“ The best way to keep your clients up to date on their build progress bar none

Trevor Crisp
Specialist restoration of Porsche 956/962's

A sample of companies around the planet using GlobalWorkshop to showcase their work & manage builds

Flexible & scalable

GlobalWorkshop has 4 modules available in different packages to make it easy to integrate into your business, whether you have 2 or 50 staff.

GlobalWorkshop Chrono

Our one-of-kind tool that allows you to easily present a visual timeline of a build & restoration. Easily take visual progress reports from the workshop. Give your clients an app to let them follow along the build journey for the ultimate client experience.

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Iamge Description
Iamge Description

GlobalWorkshop Parts

Track stock consumption by scanning and recording usage from our apps. Advanced parts processing, photo recording and automatic audit features let you know where every part is on your restoration.

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GlobalWorkshop SmartCodes

Our printable smart code labels enable you to reference any photo/video/pdf instantly from your phone. It takes seconds to create a label direct from the app, scannable with the app or any modern smart phone camera. There's no faster, more convenient way, of looking up information.

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Iamge Description
Iamge Description


Have an end-to-end workshop process with our jobs module. Allowing you to track time, tasks, and parts on specific jobs for each vehicle in your workshop. If you're moving from paper timesheets we'll revolutionise your workshop - saving you time and giving you real-time insights to your business.

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Organise your shop

We make it simple to label and track both your inventory, and components on a vehicle.

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Our easy to use labelling system enables you to uniquely identify every bin, shelf or rack in your shop. This lets your staff quickly scan parts bins to record consumption, or scan parts into shelves from restorations. All tracked with a full audit trail so you know who moved parts, when they moved them and what they moved around your workshop.

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Built for businesses like yours

GlobalWorkshop is rapidly growing across all sectors of the bespoke automotive, marine and aviation industries.

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“ with the mobile app on their devices, my engineers can create progress reports “on the fly”. The handy review feature allows me to have the final check before our clients view them - ultimately freeing up my day and saving time

Steve Cox, Pioneer Aero
Specialists in Warbird restoration and maintenance

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Quick and easy to get started

With packages starting from £ 24.00 per month, GlobalWorkshop easily pays for itself through time savings, workshop efficiencies, eliminating frustration of client updates and a one-of-kind customer experience

Click the button below to get your Free Trial setup - your own secure GlobalWorkshop portal will be created for your business to try for 30 days free of charge, no credit card required.

Explore GlobalWorkshop


All your vehicles history, stored Chronologically in one place for you, and your clients. Generated automatically from easy to use mobile apps.

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Unlock digital reference material by making it instantly accessible, linked to the physical components by our innovative & simple to use labeling technology.

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Real-time tracking of parts and stock usage by project in your workshop. An intuitive bin coding system, scannable directly from your teams phones.

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Track time, budget and performance on each job. Simple to-do lists keep all the project management of your vehicles in one system.

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About Us

Purpose built for the needs of Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries. GlobalWorkshop is a service provided by Clever Robots Limited.

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